Opening the door to the future


The new age of business is one that is incredibly fast paced and able to change at the drop of a hat. As people that have been involved in business for more than 3 combined decades, we understand that customers are the heart of the business and that in order to compete, we must continue to hold them in the highest regard.

We have found over the years that there are many outlets similar to ours that offer the utmost in repair and door stop selection. However, what makes us different is our dedication to our customers and ability to keep up with the fast paced world of business. It is our pleasure to give you the best deals under the sun and repair experience that is second to none.

See the difference

A doorstop or door may seem like an object that is automatic, that they are all the same and it does not matter where you purchase them from. As people that have been in the business, we know the difference between quality products and back every product we sell with our personal guarantee.

We also understand that these things need to be repaired even if they are the best quality, which is why we have a talented repair staff on hand for any problems our customers may experience. It is this combination of perseverance and knowledge that give us a leg up in the world of doorstop sales and manufacturing and why we believe that you will become the latest customers in our ever growing base.